We have contracted with an experienced vendor to manufacture Ampex-style pinch wheels.  These are made from fresh precision-ground nitrile/Buna-N synthetic rubber on a computer-manufactured aluminum core with a fresh bronze bearing.  These parts will long outlast rollers made from urethane.

The 440-style wheel has a larger aluminum core and a smaller rubber periphery but is the same overall diameter as the roller used on Ampex 300, 350, 351, 354 transports (Ampex changed to a newer wheel with the 440 to improve tape guidance).  These wheels are direct replacement for any quarter-inch or half-inch Ampex with a stock Ampex capstan-idler assembly.

Note that pinch wheels are also called pressure rollers, pinch rollers, or capstan idlers.  The capstan-idler assembly includes a replacement wheel and associated parts (see below).

Price: $110 (including shipping to USA) with appropriate shims and a fresh retaining ring.  This is less than half the cost (in inflation-adjusted dollars) of what similar replacement wheels cost back in the 1980s  (I know... I was there).  Today, we benefit from computer-aided manufacturing.

Read this service bulletin to learn how to replace your core and to view photos of the core.

Price subject to change without notice.

This is a 
MADE IN USA product.

You will need to transfer the following parts to make a functional capstan-idler assembly:

If you are not comfortable doing the above, add $50 and I will assemble for you after you send me your complete capstan-idler assembly.

Due to high tooling cost, the following rollers are not available at this time: