We have contracted with a supplier to make replacement turntable pads for Ampex and Scully tape recorders. The pads are $6 each ($12 per set), plus sales tax (Washington state residents only), plus postage. These pads are manufactured to original specifications and made from cork/Buna-N (nitrile).  They do not have adhesive; we recommend using 3M 77 Spray Adhesive (see below).

To order, contact Full-Track Productions by phone (206) 784-6963, or send e-mail to Dave at the address listed on the home page. Overseas shipping available. Payment may be made in cash, postal money order, or Paypal (e-mail me with your paypal e-mail and I will invoice you).


These fit both 280 and 280B recorders (photo not shown). These pads are similar to the Ampex corks shown below but are thinner and do not have fabric backing.  Minor adjustment of turntable height may be required after installing the new corks.  The pads are $6 each ($12 per set), plus sales tax, plus postage.  To order, e-mail me with your paypal e-mail and I will invoice you first.


Sold as a set of four only, $30 per set, plus sales tax, plus postage..  Two have fabric backing, the other two do not.  Some customers prefer one type over the other since there is a slight difference in thickness.  Dry-fit first to determine which is best for you.  See Adhesives below for more information.  To order, e-mail me with your paypal e-mail and I will invoice you first.

FOR AMPEX 300/350/351/354/AG-350/AG-440 TAPE RECORDERS

There are three pad styles available; all are $6 each, $12 per set.  Note that types 1 and 2 have fabric backing; type 3 is thinner and does not have a backing.  To order, e-mail me with your paypal e-mail and I will invoice you first.

Type 1 has a 5/8-inch center hole and fits Ampex 300/350/351/354
Type 2 has a 1-inch center hole and fits Ampex AG-350 and AG-440
Type 3 fits ATR-100 recorders

Type 1 for Ampex 300/350/351/354 (left), Type 2 AG-350/AG-400 (right)

ATR-100 corks

Type 3 for Ampex ATR-100 series (quarter- and half-inch machines only)



Measure the inner diameter of the existing turntable pads, if they are still in place. Keep in mind that some older machines were retrofitted with replacement AG-350 motors (or vice versa). Also, Ampex sold an upgrade kit to allow end users to repair their older motors if the steel pins pressed into the turntable surface near the center spindle became damaged.* So your machine may need a Type 1 or a Type 2 pad, depending.

Check your machine carefully. Each reel motor may require a different pad.

If you are unsure, examine each reel motor turntable carefully. Near the spindle, there will be three little steel pins (or stubs of these pins if they were broken off) or a small casting with three fins. If the turntable has the fin-type centers, you should order the Type 2 (AG-350/AG-440) corks, regardless of the age of the motor or the model number of the recorder.

Your reel turntable(s) may have been retrofitted with a drive pin for 7-inch plastic reels. These drive pins were typically inserted in one of the three outer holes in the turntable (the three outer holes in the replacement corks line up with these holes). Since both replacement corks have these three holes, both are compatible with this type of retrofitted drive pin. Simply order the type of pad you need based on the inner diameter required (as explained above), not whether there is an outer drive pin or not.


These turntable pads are sold without adhesive. This ensures both a long shelf life and long service life (pressure-sensitive adhesives lose their effectiveness over time). 

Clean the reel turntable before applying adhesive. You may need to use a stout putty knife and careful application of heat to soften the old adhesive.  After most residue is off, use Goof Off** to remove most of the remaining residue with a small Red Devil scraper (model 3010 1-inch paint scraper).***

The most secure adhesive is a spray adhesive such as 3M type 77. Spray only the back of the cork, then transfer the cork with the adhesive still wet, then separate to let both surfaces dry, then press the cork into place. 

You may use a nitrile-rubber adhesive such as Pliobond or other equivalent. Squeeze some out of the tube on a clean surface, mix a bit, then spread onto the gasket and reel turntable with a flat plastic putty knife or stick. Keep in mind that this type of glue has a a short shelf life (if both liquid and solid components squeeze from the tube, discard the adhesive) or you can try mixing the  components before using.

*this information courtesy of ex-Columbia Records engineer George Schowerer

**Goof Off is a registered trademark of WM Barr and Co. Inc.

***Trademark of Red Devil, Inc.


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